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Suppliers of pool chemicals and equipment to
New Zealand

Dolphin Pacific is a wholly New Zealand owned and operated swimming pool equipment and swimming pool chemical wholesaler, located in Auckland. We distribute our products through a range of pool shops and pool builders located throughout New Zealand.

Our range of pool chemicals from Focus in Australia encompasses everything from Chlorine to Algaecides, Balancing Chemicals, and spa and specialist products. 

Focus, an Australian owned company, brings an industry leading range of solutions for the pool and spa market.

We stock specialty ranges of pool equipment including Maytronics Dolphin Pool CleanersOzoneSwim water sanitation systems and other products and brands we know and trust. 

Maytronics is known throughout the world as the leading manufacturer and distributor of pool cleaners – primarily under the Dolphin Pool Cleaner brand. Dolphin is regarded as the premier robotic pool cleaner for many reasons – including superior quality, service, functionality and innovation.

OzoneSwim product line combines the benefits of salt water chlorination with the power of ozone to create the ultimate in soft, sanitary and odour free water. OzoneSwim products are the ideal solution for customers that want high quality water while at the same time would like to reduce their reliance on chemical additives.

We are all about providing great service and great products for your swimming pools!