Dolphin Pacific
is kiwi owned
and operated

Dolphin Pacific was started 5 years ago by Adrian Hill. Adrian is car mad and loves beer! He is married to Tasi and they love to travel. A proud Dad to 2 teenage boys - He stays busy and is never sitting in one place for too long. 

Dolphin Pacific came into existence when Adrian took on the distribution of Dolphin Pool Cleaners. This was a great foundation for him. Then an opportunity arose with Focus Products. It was never his intention to get involved with pool chemicals, but the product was so good and the people behind it so passionate he couldn’t say no! More recently we have also taken on the Ozone Swim units from Brauer Industries - We are very excited about our future with Ozone Swim. 

In 2016 Antoinette  officially joined the team (Adrian's sister in law). From a Customer Service/Administration background Ants is our administration superstar.

Also in 2016 Jo joined the team. From a Swimming Pool Retail background her main focus is sales and looking after our retail shops - In saying this we are so small we all muck in and get it done.

We are comitted to providing honest top notch Kiwi customer service, We back all our products 100% and only sell the best. Our company growth has been massive over the last 5 years. In the first year we sold 90 Dolphins and last year we sold just over 900 - Something we are all very proud off. 

The team here at Dolphin Pacific are very passionate about all the products we sell - We live and breath them!