OSPA ANTI-FOAM Used for elimination of detergent like foaming, in spas and hot tubs. » OSPA BROMINE Used for sanitation of spas and indoor pools. » OSPA EZI BALANCE Ezi Balance is a specially formulated chemical for buffering the pH of a spa. » OSPA HARDNESS INCREASER Used for increasing calcium hardness levels in spa water. » OSPA LITHIUM Perfect for spa treatment as an everyday sanitiser or a shock treatment. » OSPA OXYSHOCK Perfect as a daily sanitiser in spas. » OSPA PH & TA UP Used for raising pH of spa water at a rate of 25 grams per 1,000 litres. » OSPA PH DOWN Perfect for the reduction of pH in a gradual and effective manner. » OSPA SERENITY Soft velvety feeling water that gives the bather added comfort. » OSPA WATER POLISH A concentrated formula used to combine small particulate together for collection by the filter media. »