Common questions asked by most pool owners

These answers are guides only and we  recommend you meet/call your local pool professional to discuss your particular concerns.

I think I am losing water. How can I tell?

Water loss through evaporation, backwashing or splash out is common. However, if you feel that your water loss is more excessive than this check out the following:
  1. Check around the equipment to ensure that there are not any wet areas as equipment can develop leaks which will result in water loss.
  2. If you have a vinyl liner check that there are not any tears around the lights, ladders or in corners. Check the ground around the pool.
  3. Inside the skimmer box put a mark where the water is and recheck it a day later. Your pool should not lose more than about 7mm per day.
  4. Fill a bucket with water and place a mark where the water level is. Leave next to the pool for a day. The amount of water loss from the bucket should be similar to the water loss from the pool.
  5. If there is a noticeable difference you will need to call a leak detector to ascertain where the leak is coming from.

I have stains appearing all over my pool.
Can I get rid of them?

The first step is to ascertain what is causing the stain. Staining can sometimes be caused by incorrect water balance. Check your water balance and adjust if necessary to the correct levels. Stains can also be caused by metal contamination and tannins from leaves. The following is a checklist to assist in determining the likely source of the problem:

  • Water is emerald green in colour - Copper
  • The walls and floor have turned blue-green or black - Copper
  • The water has a greenish yellow tint - Iron
  • The walls and floor have a rusty colour - Iron
  • The areas where the leaves settled have gone brown - Tannins

The longer a stain is present in a pool, the harder it is to eliminate. Contact your nearest Focus Products Authorised Dealer for information on the treatment and prevention of stains.

My kids hair sometimes goes green when they use the pool. How can I stop this happening and does anything remove the green?

Blonde hair particularly can experience this problem. It is generally caused by incorrect water balance, excess copper or high chlorine levels. Pay particular care to your water balance to eliminate the likelihood of it occurring.

It can be removed from the hair by any of the following methods:

  • Dissolve a couple of disprin in a glass of water and rinse the hair. Follow with your usual shampoo and conditioning treatment.
  • Wash hair in Sunlight soap and follow with a conditioning treatment.
  • Rub tomato sauce into the hair and then shampoo. (Kids love this one!)

My pool has hard white deposits forming on the surface. What are they?

Pools can get calcium levels that build up over a period of time, particularly those pools utilising Calcium Hypochlorite, which can cause hard scale to form on the surface of the pool. New pools particularly can have a scaling issue as they “adjust”. In areas of high water hardness the problem is unavoidable. To prevent scale from forming Aquashield 3 should be added every three months.

This will inhibit calcium scale and assist with the cleaning of the salt chlorinator cell. To remove deposits that have already formed it will be necessary to conduct a treatment involving Hydrochloric Acid and Aquashield 3. Contact your nearest Focus Products Authorised Dealer for assistance.

How long should i filter my pool for?

This is dependent on which State you live in (water balance is affected by temperature), where the pool is situated (shade or no shade), the bather load of the pool, the size of the pool, the sanitation process you are using and other factors. As a rough guide in tropical climates during the warmest months of the year the recommendation would be a minimum of 8 hours up to 12 hours separated into 2 cycles.

This can be reduced back to 2-3 hours during the cold months or non-swimming times. Inadequate filtration time is the primary cause of cloudy, green or unsanitary water. Check with your nearest Focus Products Authorised Dealer for the correct advice on running times for your pool.